3ive Labs Names Dr. Lance Black as Senior Medical Director

Roswell, GA, March 26, 2021–3ive Labs (pronounced \ˈthrīv\), a medical device product development organization focused on treating kidney disease, today announces the appointment of Lance Black, MD, MBID as Senior Medical Director.  Dr. Black brings 20 years of experience as a clinician, engineer and innovator.


In this new role, Dr. Black will lead the development of clinical strategies and plans to ensure that physicians, payers and patients have a clear understanding of how to safely and effectively incorporate JuxtaFlow® into the practice of medicine.

Lance Black, MD, MBID was most recently the Associate Director of Texas Medical Center Innovation which aims to launch and establish healthcare startups within Houston, Texas. Drawing on his extensive military, medical, and engineering expertise, he supported medical device and digital health companies who were residents of the award-winning healthcare startup accelerator, TMCx, and the company formation program, TMC Biodesign, bringing hundreds of novel technologies to Texas and beyond.

After earning his M.D. from LSU Health Sciences Center of New Orleans, Dr. Black served in the U.S. Air Force and deployed overseas twice: first as Chief of Medical Staff for Manas Transit Base in Kyrgyzstan, and then as a Squadron Flight Surgeon in Okinawa, Japan. During his time in the armed forces, Dr. Black helped to create modular medical facilities for civilian use, and designed and implemented safety protocols for F-22 stealth fighter pilots and their crews.

Inspired by his work with the Wounded Warrior program, Dr. Black utilized his background in Bio-engineering to focus on the design and development of technologies aimed at improving human health. Following his exit from service, Dr. Black received his Masters of Biomedical Innovation & Development from Georgia Tech, including a year in their Masters of Industrial Design program.

“Lance brings a unique and powerful combination of skills to the organization.  As a physician, engineer and innovator, he understands the importance of medical device design from the perspectives of the patient, the provider, the designer and the developer.” said John Erbey, Ph.D., President of 3ive Labs. “We are thrilled that he is bringing his diverse background and passion to 3ive to help improve the lives of millions of patients with kidney disease.”


About JuxtaFlow

JuxtaFlow is clinical stage medical device designed to deliver mild controlled negative pressure into the collecting system of each kidney.  The initial indication being pursued is the management of venous congestion, fluid overload, and worsening kidney function for patients with the Cardiorenal Syndrome.


About Cardiorenal Syndrome and Kidney Function

Cardiorenal syndrome is a condition where an abrupt decline in heart function (acute heart failure) causes a decline in kidney function.  The kidneys are complex organs responsible for at least five critical functions; (1) eliminate waste and excess fluid, (2) help regulate blood pressure, (3) stimulate red blood cell production, (4) keep bones healthy, and (5) regulate pH levels.  Fluid overload, and the resulting venous congestion are an early indicator of declining kidney function.  Since the kidneys are encapsulated, they are unable to expand to accommodate the excess volume associated with rising venous pressures.  Therefore, increasing venous pressure decreases filtration and further impairs all of the other kidney functions.  Dialysis is the treatment of last resort.  By filtering the blood, dialysis can reduce waste and excess fluid.  However, it does not replace the other vital kidney functions.


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Lance Black, MD, MBID

Lance is the team’s senior medical director. As an engineer, physician, and innovator, he speaks a multitude of technical languages and serves as an intermediary and catalyst in the ever-demanding path of medical device development. He obtained his MD from LSU Health Sciences Center of New Orleans, his BS in Biological Engineering from LSU respectively; and his Masters of Biomedical Innovation and Development from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Black served in the United States Air Force as a Family and Flight Medicine physician where he deployed twice; leading the rapid response team for F-22 pilots in Okinawa, Japan, and as Chief of the Medical Staff at Manas Transit Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. Following his military commitment, Dr. Black worked as the Medical Affairs Manager for the medtech development firm GCMI, where he participated in the build-out and testing of over 25 medical devices with contribution on more than 30 patents. Most recently as Associate Director of Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute, he focused on building and launching novel medical device and digital health companies. During his tenure at TMC Innovation, Lance had the opportunity to review and screen over 2000 healthcare startups for entry into the well-known accelerator, TMCx; advised over 100 medical device and digital health companies who have collectively raised more than $2.5B; and aided in the launch of 10 healthcare startups as advisor to TMC Biodesign who to date have raised >$30M. Dr. Black is singularly dedicated in supporting the development of novel medical technologies that bring value to patients.